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Our Ingredients

From NON-GMO to locally grown ingredients, we pride ourselves in providing the freshest and healthiest options to our customers.  
Eating should not be just a necessity but an experience. Providing a fun atmosphere with good music, sleek design, and great customer service is just part of what we do.  The ingredients we serve set us apart from any fast casual dining experience and allow all of your senses to go wild.
Join the sushi revolution and dive into the interactive dining experience where you decide your dish, not us!


Kreasian is about the experience of creativity, allowing everyone to invent their own creations.  From raw to cooked, people can feel free to let their imaginations of food go wild. Let your cravings take control in deciding between sushi rolls, rice bowls, salads, or even sushi burritos. 

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy - "Making the World Better; One Stomach at a Time"
Day to day life being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it is just part of growing up.  Freedom is typically reserved for weekends and days off of work.  At Kreasian we want you to feel the freedom to do what you want, eat how you want, and not be told this is what we have - choose from this.  We set out to give our customers the chance to create their own meal, in their own image.  

From Rice bowls to Sushi rolls, to even Sushi Burritos, you design it, we make it. Our goal; "Making the world better, one stomach at a time."